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About the Artist and Features of Custom Gourd Art

I am a custom gourd artist and sole proprietor of Cielito Lindo Designs, LLC located in Cerrillos, New Mexico. I create and provide my clients and customers with unique and intricately designed gourd artwork. I participate in various art shows throughout the year in New Mexico and surrounding areas and have received various awards for my work.

Some examples of my work include:

  • Decorative Bowls & Vases

  • Candle Holders

  • Oil Lamps

  • Thunder Gourds

  • Gourd Lamps

  • Masks

  • Spirit Dolls 

Distinct Designs and Styles

No two pieces are exactly alike as I make sure that my products have individualized look. They feature various designs, techniques and patterns such as:

  • Patina Treatments

  • Contemporary Motifs

  • Southwest Imagery

  • Leather Strapping/Braiding

  • Pine Needle Weaving

  • Animal Motifs

  • Bead Work

  • Filigree Work

  • Floral Imagery

  • Inlay Materials

  • Reed Weaving

  • Twisted Paper Weaving

  • Relief Carving

  • Use of Cruelty Free Feathers

  • Micro Bead Work

Educational Background

I received an AS degree in Special Education from Prince George’s Community College in Bowie, Maryland and a BS degree in Visual Communications from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. In the latter, I was employed with the National Education Association home office, located in Washington, DC, as a Senior Graphic Designer until I retired.

News and Events

  • Miniatures and more 
  • Some custom pieces require extensive relief carving

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